Pai-Shau Tea Infused Haircare Review


Tea infused Haircare? While I did raise an eyebrow at first thinking that it’s just another gimmick to try to stand out and be different, but as I started to do my research it became very clear, that it’s certainly not just some ploy to peak our interests and now I wonder why more brands aren’t taking advantage of this super nourishing form of haircare!

Let me quickly break it down for you…

Pai-Shau has created a signature tea complex, an exclusive blend of steeped teas from all around the world that they infuse into all of their products. As we already know, tea is very well known for their high concentrations of antioxidants and many other wonderful benefits. And yes, when these powerhouse teas are merged with haircare, it creates hair products like no other!

Check out out the list below of the Teas that make up the Pai-Shau Signature Complex and their benefits;

  • White Tea
    Natural UV filter and environmental protectant which helps extend the life of your color.
  • pu-erh Tea
    Contains powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins while deeply cleansing to exfoliate strands of hair and increase product penetration.
  • Green Tea
    Stimulates circulation and helps clear hair follicles of debris which aids in healthy hair growth.
  • Black Tea
    Contains vitamins and minerals that add luster, shine and body to the hair.
  • African Red Bush Tea
    Contains protein and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe scalp irritation.

But as a true skeptic, it wasn’t until I tried the products for myself that I really fell in love!
Not to mention that the entire Pai-Shau line is vegan and 100% cruelty free, as well as being gluten free, BPA free, Paraben free, sulfate free, has no added sodium chloride and even their packaging is environmentally friendly right down to the ink on the boxes!

Replenishing Hair Cleanser Shampoo ~ $26.00USD
Replenishing Cream Conditioner ~ $28.00USD


The Pai-Shau Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner are game changers! They have completely transformed my hair into soft, shiny locks that I truly haven’t seen in years!

The silky consistency feels very luxurious and you only need the smallest amount to get a good lather going. My hair is easily managed once clean and smells INCREDIBLE for days! Seriously the best smelling hair care I have ever used! My husband keeps making fun of me as he keeps catching me smelling my hair and I can’t help but get my family and friends to smell my hair too, even though they think it’s super creepy and weird πŸ™‚ Seriously, it’s that good! It smells like a green tea hand lotion or something like that. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s not fruity or floral, nothing over powering, just a warm fresh scent that I want to bottle up into a perfume!

Biphasic Infusion ~ $45.00USD


I’ve been using the Bipshasic Infusion on my damp hair after ever wash. It is separated in the bottle, so you need to give it a good shake before you pump it out to get it activated. I use 3-4 pumps for my long hair.

I would consider this product to be a replacement for hair oil, but it is definitely not an oil. It is a light weight cream-gel formula that doesn’t leave any residue behind. I really helps add moisture to my dry ends and give the hair a natural shine also protecting it from heat tools and the environment.

Supreme Revitalizing Mask ~ $43.00USD


I haven’t used a lot of hair masks in my day, likely because I don’t color my hair (Soon though!) so I don’t have that super chemically dried out hair that screams for moisture. So while I don’t have much to compare this too, I was really impressed with the results!

I do blow dry and straighten my hair a few times a week so it’s not like my hair is in immaculate condition that’s for sure. But I do feel that my hair is in decent shape considering it’s length. But when I used this mask, WOW! What a difference!! I guess my hair did need a little TLC as my hair felt over the top soft and shiny and that much healthier! Hands down this mask gets 5 stars!

Style Souffle ~ $32.00CAD


The Pai-Shau Style Souffle can be used on wet hair prior to styling to help retain moisture when using heat as well it will provide control, volume and manageability to your hair. You can also use it on dry hair to control frizz, and add shine for smooth hair. Like all of the Pai-Shau Products, it is infused with antioxidants to help protect your hair and provide nourishment.

While this product does as it claims, unfortunately it wasn’t for me. It does leave a bit of a ‘residue’ for lack of a better word, no white flakes or anything like that, just the shine I guess is what I wasn’t really into. It does leave a slight greasy look to the hair and since I wear my hair down most of the time, I like my hair flowy and airy and prefer to use a volumizing powder if I’m looking for a bit of a lift or control.

Sublime Hold Hairspray ~ $29.50USD


I don’t use hairspray too often, unless I’m curling my hair which is reserved for only the most special of occasions. So I gave this to my 13yo son to try out as he use hairspray every single day like it’s going out of style. If you are at all aware of how teenage boys are with their hair, then you know that it’s likely the only thing they take that much pride in. At least for my boys :/

Anyways, he is very particular with what types of hair spray he will use. It can’t be too firm or too light where it does nothing. It has to allow him to ‘flick’ his hair a thousand times a day and by all means, it must look like ‘he woke up like that’ without any trace of having any product in his hair. No pressure Pai-Shau!

When I read the description of the Pai-Shau hairspray, it sounded like the exact type that he enjoys best, key words being; Flexible, moveable, touchable, wont’ build up.

He said he loved the fact that it sprayed out gently so he didn’t accidentally apply too much and that the mist was extremely fine. He also said, he really enjoyed the scent (his exact words were…it doesn’t smell like paint covered flowers like the other ones i’ve used. lol) He was pleased that he could run his fingers through his hair throughout the day all while keeping the volume he wants and the hair out of his eyes.

I did give this a quick squirt in my hair as well, and it could easily be used as a texturizer. A light weight, flexible hold that helps create and hold volume and texture naturally. That’s the best way I can describe it. So I don’t think I will be giving this up yet. Sorry kid πŸ˜‰

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