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MAC is always up to something. Whether it’s a new celebrity collaboration, creating new social initiatives or developing new and unique product launches, you can always count on MAC to hit the press month after month with fabulous news that get us beauty junkies all excited.

This month, MAC released 6 new fragrances to correspond with six of their cult-favorite lipsticks such as Ruby woo,Candy Yum Yum and Velvet Teddy to name few. Of course in true MAC form, they created correlated packaging for the lipsticks so they pair perfectly with the perfume, together creating #MACShadeScents.


The scents were created to reflect each of the lipstick shades personalities, from a clean musky nude, to powerful and dramatic red.

MAC kindly sent me the Lady Danger set to discuss with you guys today, but please take the term ‘set’ lightly, as the fragrances and lipsticks are sold separately.

My thoughts on the Lady Danger ShadeScents…

I am certainly no fragrance connoisseur, (don’t let the 50 bottles on my vanity fool you)! Basically, if it smells good, I like it and that’s about as deep as it gets for me.Β  So do I like the lady Danger Scent?…eh, it’s not a scent that I would typically purchase, but I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it.

My best description in complete laymen’s terms would be that it’s warm and spicy. I do however completely agree that they captured the essence of the lipstick; sexy, dramatic and powerful. This perfume makes a strong statement and that’s exactly what they were going for.

The lady danger lipstick is gorgeous. A matte orange-red that is super pigmented, long lasting and universally flattering. mac-lady-danger-shadescent-lipstick review swatch

Below I’ve listed all of the ShadeScents and their descriptions. Check them out and let me know which ones you feel would suit your personality best!

Lady Danger ShadeScent


“A Live Wire, Risk Taker and Rebel”

Fragrance (A dramatic, sexy and powerful fragrance, that makes a head-turning entrance with a burst of golden patchouli.)
Lipstick (Vivid bright coralred – Matte)

Ruby Woo ShadeScent


“Demand Attention”

Fragrance (An arresting rouge-red fragrance featuring a sultry deep red leather note that commands attention.)
Lipstick (Vivid blue red – Retro Matte)

Candy Yum Yum ShadeScent


“Not Afraid to show her Claws”

Fragrance (A flirty fragrance with electric fruits, like pink guava at the heart.)
Lipstick (Neon pink – Matte)

Heroine ShadeScent


“Intoxicating, Hypnotic and Beyond Mysterious”

Fragrance (An intoxicating and totally unexpected fragrance composed of rich and primal Cordovan leather)
Lipstick (Bright Purple – Matte)

Velvet Teddy ShadeScent


“On A Plane One Minute, And at the VIP Club the Next, Up All Night Dancing”

Fragrance (A silky smooth current of wild honey and creamy musk runs through this oriental fragrance.)
Lipstick (Deep Tone Beige – Matte)

CrΓ¨me d’Nude ShadeScent


“Free Spirited, Laid Back Goddess”

Fragrance (A scent capturing the vibrant sexiness of clean, radiant, glowing skin through a cocoon of velvet musk.)
Lipstick (Pale muted peach beige – Cream Sheen)

ShadeScent Fragrances $67.00CAD
ShadeScent Lipsticks $21.00CAD

Cheers, Victoria! kiss
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26 thoughts on “NEW From MAC | ShadeScents

  1. I actually don’t have any of these ‘cult favorites’ but I see why they would be so popular. I think I may get a few of these for gifts. Thanks for the read Victoria.


  2. I’m a hippy at heart so my personality would be creme d’nude. I love how they paired these scents with these lipsticks…most of which I already own and love


  3. Omg I love this concept! I like to think I’m Candy Yum Yum! (Also my favorite lipstick) I need this set for sure – thanks for the post


  4. What an interesting concept! Associating colours with scents… a bit abstract but I dig it!
    I can’t figure out which shade / scent would fit me though… most of those are so BOLD or too NUDE! They didn’t make a rosy MLBB shade for a wallflower like me! πŸ˜› Maaaaybe Velvet Teddy?


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