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If you or someone you love suffers from Psoriasis like I do then you are very well aware at how horrible it can really be. Being uncomfortable in your own skin is a absolute nightmare. Not to mention constant trips to the doctor, dermatologist, light therapy sessions and injections. Spending a fortune on prescription drugs and while they can work wonders for a while, like most drugs, you can gain a tolerance and they simply stop working. It’s also not healthy for your skin to use those prescription creams for too long, so it is always recommended that you take a break from time-to-time. And then of course there is withdrawal when you stop using whatever cream du’jour the Dr. prescribed that month. It comes back with a vengeance and the cycle continues.

So today I want to share with you a couple of products that I have used for years to help keep my skin healthy and comfortable and best of all, they are affordable, available at your local drug store and they work!

Psoriasin Products are formulated with the active ingredient Coal Tar which is proven to help slow the rapid growth of skin cells and restore the skin’s appearance. It also aids in reducing inflammation, itching and scaling of psoriasis.

Psoriasin Coal Tar Ointment Review

Psoriasin Ointment was the first product I tired from the Psoriasin line and I picked it up because it was time for me to take some time off from my prescription cream and from experience, I knew that my skin was going to get very angry so I needed something to help soothe it, calm the itch and overall continue to treat the plaques.

I honestly didn’t have very high hope (if any at all) that the Psoriasin ointment would do anything except maybe provide some short term moisture. But doing nothing was not an option so I gave it go and I am so glad I did!


The ointment itself is very thick kind of like the consistency of honey without it being sticky. Even tho it is thick, it applies smoothly and melts onto to the skin easily. At first, it does leave a greasy feel to the skin but after a few minutes, it does dry and giving it an extra rub-in at this point allows it to feel just like regular moisturizer.

My absolute favorite thing about the Psoriasin Ointment is that it moisturizes so incredibly well that my Psoriasis patches do not look dry for hours! Not a single fleck of white flaky skin can be seen. If it did noting else, I would still use it for that esthetic reason alone.

Fortunately for us Psoriasis Suffers, the product does live up to it’s claims. With a concentration of 2% coal tar, it helps control itch, redness and when used regularly, my patches are noticeably reduced.

Psoriasin Coal Tar Gel Review

The Psoriasin Gel is the same beast as the ointment in a thinner, less concentrated formula with a 1.25% of coal tar. I like to use the gel on areas that are most visible (like my hands) as it doesn’t leave a single trace behind. It absorbs and dries very quickly and is much more purse friendly.

I use the gel throughout the day when i’m out and about and I use the ointment once in the morning and again I apply at night before bed.



Psoriasin Salicylic Acid Shampoo

Lucky for me I do not have Psoriasis on my scalp. Not yet anyways. Every year it seems to get worse and worse and showing up in more and more places. I get scared every time I get an itch on my head that ‘it must be psoriasis starting!’ but so far, it’s always been a false alarm.

I am happy to keep the Psoriasin Shampoo on hand just in case it decides to rear its little head…on my head. Haha.


I would absolutely love to hear if any of you suffer from Psoriasis and how you go about managing it. What products have you used and how have they worked for you…so leave a comment below and lets chat!

Cheers, Victoria! kiss
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4 thoughts on “Over the Counter Psoriasis Treatments ~ Psoriasin Review

  1. I had some sort of psoriasis on my face for two + years. I tried a lot of things, like a prescribed anti-fungal creme, tea tree oil, coconut oil, Dr. Jack Newmans and it just stayed and stayed. I stopped using fluoride toothpaste. Finally I tried Apple Cider Vinegar with a “mother” in it. It took about 4 months of dabbing it twice a day and it’s gone! It’s been gone for about 7 months now.
    So that worked for me…so far so good.


    • You stopped using fluoride toothpaste? I haven’t heard of that!! What are the benefits?
      What do you mean by “mother” in the ACV? So happy that worked for you and that you have been clear for so long! It’s a struggle for sure! 🙂


      • It was one of those things I read on the internet….some people said fluoride was hard on psoriasis. I don’t think it made a difference but it was a really easy change to try. You know, you’re willing to try anything right? Just to get rid of it.

        I mean an organic Apple Cider Vinegar. If I google it this comes up, “The mother is strand-like chains of protein enzyme molecules”. If it’s regular stuff from the store it’s pasteurized, and not active anymore.


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