NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review & Swatches!


A single foundation for all your needs! Whether you’re after sheer coverage for a day full of errands or an ultimate full coverage look for a night of glitz and glam out on the town, the control is all yours, wrapped up into one single bottle!

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

This was my first time trying out a drop foundation like this so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. My first impression was that it is very thin and liquidy so how is it possibly going to provide full coverage? I started with a few drops directly onto the brush and once applied, immediately I saw coverage and was shocked at the intense pigment it packed! I also noticed just how far the product was going. You don’t need much to cover the whole face so i’d recommend starting with a small amount and building from there.

The finish is really beautiful. A very soft, non-drying, non cakey matte finish. As it promises, you can use a little for sheer coverage or build it up for full coverage. It is truly a great versatile foundation.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

As the formula is very thin, I did experience some streakiness when applying with the brush. However, if you allow the foundation to dry down a bit and go back over it with the brush, you are able to buff out any streaks that may have been left behind. Personally, I most enjoyed applying it with the brush and then gently going over it with my Beauty Blender. This is my preferred method for most foundations and certainly isn’t necessary.Β  However, I wouldn’t recommend applying this foundation directly onto your Beauty Blender as its thin consistency is quickly absorbed by the sponge, leaving nothing for your face… Learn from my mistakes people πŸ˜‰

I definitely need to set this foundation with a setting powder but once it’s set, I get a good 8 hours of wear before I start to notice things looking a little shifty.

I really enjoy this foundation and not just as a drugstore foundation as I find it quite comparable to some high end foundations. The quality is there, and the price is affordable. ($16.00CAD – $14.00USD)

The Total Control Drop Foundation Brush (sold separately) is an angled synthetic brush that curves slightly inward, allowing it to fit around the natural curves of the face and in hard to reach spots. The brush is very soft, flexible and comfortable on the face, and blends out the foundation well.Β  I found that it did actually blend out the drop foundation better than my dense kabuki brush.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Swatches


Available in 24 Shades.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation: $16.00CAD – $14.00USD
NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Brush: $25.00CAD – $14.00USD

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26 thoughts on “NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review & Swatches!

  1. I totally want to try this foundation out! I use L’OrΓ©al Infallible Total Coverage and MAC Studio Fix Fluid but I really want to try NYX. I love their glitters and matte liquid lipsticks from the Lingerie range 😍😍 I also blog about beauty and makeup I’ve written a few reviews and also have written some tutorial posts as I’m training MUA ✨ I’d love it if you could check my stuff out! Would mean the 🌎
    Keep up the great work! ✨
    Lots of love cheyanne from thatcheyannesmith.wordpress.com


  2. NYX is now my favorite brand. I will be buying this for sure. Thanks for the great post Victoria!…as always


  3. Just grabbed this foundation yesterday and I am obsessed already. I didn’t get the brush and I’m glad I didn’t as my regular one works perfect.


  4. Interesting product! I wonder how it wear on me since you know I like that absolute 100% full coverage. Gorgeous product shots too!!

    I just rediscovered my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and started using it again the past few days.


    • Thanks Ms. Whims! πŸ˜‰ You’re skin is flawless, you DO NOT need 100% full coverage! But you could achieve it with this foundation for sure. I haven’t tried the laura Mercier one. What type of finish is it? Assuming it’s full coverage, lol, but is it luminous, matte?

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      • The Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is a full coverage slightly luminous finish. HOWEVER!! They recently reformulated this product and I noticed people were shitting all over it on Sephora begging for the original formula to be brought back. Mine is the original formula and I love it. I haven’t tried the new formulation. I didn’t even know they changed it.

        And I need double-whammy full coverage. Like full coverage foundation PLUS a pigmented powder.


      • Sounds nice for sure! I hate when companies re-formulate. Why do they mess with a good thing? Why not just create a new formula, call it something else and keep the original? Stupid. I feel that’s what they did with the better than sex mascara. My absolute holy grail when it first came out. Now, I find it doesn’t give me enough volume, it smudges and flakes. Ugh.
        Anyways…you’re seriously cray cray thinkin’ u need all that coverage. You’re one of the few that can truly rock the ‘i woke up like this’ and slay it! I’ll trade ya for my Melasma? Lol. 😘

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  5. This sounds good and I live the range of shades they have available. I’ve never tried a drop foundation but I’ve wondered how well they work, this might have to be one I look at as a first one to try.


  6. I wonder if this foundation would work using fingers to apply? I like these thin watery foundations – they look nearly invisible on the skin! So glad that a more affordable option is available. The one I was eyeing is over $70 πŸ™‚


    • Yes, they totally work with fingers! I always follow up with a sponge or brush to make sure it’s blended really well but it’s an option for sure.
      $70…wow! That’s pricey! What brand was that?


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