Worth the Hype? Real Techniques Brushes & Sponges

Real Techniques Brushes Review

Are these raved about brushes really worth all the hype? Is the Real Techniques Beauty Sponge truly the best dupe for the beauty blender? I have put 9 products to the test and we are about to find outΒ  πŸ˜‰

Real Techniques Brushes Review

Base / Core Collection ~ $27.99CAD

Real Techniques Core Collection Base Review

This award winning collection of 4 face brushes comes with a handy little carrier for travel and doubles as a stand to keep organized or drying your brushes upside down.

From top to bottom, the kit includes, a Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Pointed foundation Brush and Detailer Brush.

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Review

My favorite of the four is definitely the buffing brush. I always buff all my powder products together once applied to create a seamless finish. This brush is perfect for this technique as it is medium density with shorter hairs and ultra smooth on the skin.

The contour brush is great for highlighting the check bones and I also love it for setting my under eyes.

The pointed foundation brush is ideal for concealer as well as building up foundation in areas in need of extra attention. The pointed tip is really nice to get in those hard to cover areas like around the nose and in between the eye brows.

Lastly, the detailer brush. Spot conceals with ease and applies lipstick with the utmost precision. I also love it for creating a sharp cut crease.

All round, I find the core collection to be extremely versatile and good quality brushes. The Synthetic hairs are very soft and playable while the handles are durable and very comfortable and light weight.

Base / Expert Face Brush ~ $12.99CAD

Real Techniques #1 best-selling brush is the expert face brush and for good reason! It buffs and blends liquid and cream foundation beautifully with its soft dense bristles.
You can truly achieve an airbrushed finish with this amazing, affordable tool.


Flat Contour / Bold Metals Collection ~ $27.99CAD

Real Techniques also has a premium line, the Bold Metals Collection. The brushes are absolutely stunning completely encased in rose gold. The bristles in this line are even softer and over all extremely luxurious feeling.

The Collection has all been engineered for perfect weight distribution, optimal control and comfort. A dense head creates shadows and highlights on targeted areas of face to play up favorite features.

I was very impressed with the flat contour brush. It fits into the hollows of the face perfectly and blends out both cream and powder products with ease.Β  Also great for stamping on powder under your contour or down the sides of the nose to create perfectly defined lines.

Real Techniques Sponges Review


Miracle Complexion Sponge ~ $10.49CAD

I have heard SO many people rave about this beauty sponge and how it is the best dupe for it’s famous counter part the beauty blender. Many even prefer it.


It is a bit harder than the original beauty blender and more obviously, it has an edge that is flat. With it not being as soft and without as many pores as the beauty blender, it doesn’t soak up as much product allowing you to use less product as well as giving you fuller coverage.

I honestly thought there was no way I could like this more than my beloved beauty blender but I must say…it truly is amazing! First of all, I really enjoying having the flat edge. It comes in very handy to precisely blend out around the eyes and nose.

I also really like the firmness of the Real Techniques Sponge.Β  I like to really press my foundation into my skin for a natural, non-cakey look and I find that this sponge does an excellent job at really pushing that product in.Β  I haven’t looked back since I started using this sponge and at less than half the price of the beauty blender, you simply can’t go wrong!

Miracle Sculpting Sponge ~ $5.99CAD

The Miracle Sculpting Sponge was designed to help create shadows or highlight your favorite facial features.Β  Each end is the same shape with one being smaller for precision highlighting and the larger side for more controlled contouring.

Real Techniques Finish Sculpting Sponge review

While this isn’t a sponge I would reach for everyday, I think that if you are really into highlighting and contouring on the regular, this would really come in handy.

I have used it a few times now when getting full glam and I do really like the smaller end to apply cream/liquid highlight but I could probably do without the bigger end. I don’t use cream/liquid contour to often as I prefer powder and I feel that I prefer the round side of the orange sculpting sponge to blend and really defuse those lines.

Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges ~ $5.99CAD

These little guys were really new to me as I have never used a mini sponge before. I was certainly intrigued that Real Techniques describes these as eraser sponges. I always have something that needs cleaning up whether it’s flaky mascara, eye shadow fall out and sometimes my brows need to be tidied up a bit.


These little cuties are the same shape as the Sculpting sponge, but have an additional small flat edge that is really perfect for targeting mistakes or mishaps.

The Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges are great for blending out under eye concealer, nose contour, applying liquid highlighter and works so well at gently blending concealer around the lips and eye brows when defining them.

I am so happy to have been introduced to these, they make a wonderful addition to my daily routine.

So do I think that Real Techniques Brushes and Sponges are worth the hype? Absolutely! While some of the product have already become a staple of mine and some I won’t reach for as often, the bottom line is that these are very well made, with an exceptional range of products at an unbeatable price. I will 100% be picking up some of their eye brushes next and I would love to more of the Bold Metal Collection.

Cheers, Victoria! kiss
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29 thoughts on “Worth the Hype? Real Techniques Brushes & Sponges

  1. I got the box set of these brushes for Christmas and in my bid of training as an MUA I would recommend these to everyone! Fab brushes and they’re sponge blenders are the only brand I’ll use from from I find them brilliant especially when damp OH MY 😍✨


  2. I never use Brushes for what they are intended for. It’s such a personal preference. I really enjoy the real techniques eye brushes, you should get them you will love them


  3. My BF got me the entire metals collection for Christmas and it is AWESOME! Haven’t tried the sponge but I do like the shape.


  4. I love my Real Techniques sponge more than the beauty blender. I like that it’s firmer and I too find that it doesn’t absorb as much product. The L’OrΓ©al one is good too. Have you tried it?


  5. All right Ms Victoria…. I’m going to try these brushes based on your recommendation! I have to go into Ulta this weekend so I’ll pick them up and give them a try! I miss you. Can you come visit? Should I come up north? Totally missing you.


  6. While the complexion sponge is great to use, it’s not very durable! I used mine for five days, decided to gently wash it and it tore so easily 😦


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