Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Review and Swatches!

make-up-for-ever-aqua-xl-color-paint-swatches-and-reviewWaterproof makeup is essential in the hot summer months and Make Up For Ever does it like no other! In true Make Up For Ever fashion, they took it one step further and created a cream shadow that visibly smooths the skin with 3D-microspheres that help fill in micro lines all while packing a serious punch of vibrant color!

Aqua XL Color Paint Cream Shadow Review

I am OBSESSED! The new Aqua XL Color Paints are absolutely incredible! They are ultra pigmented cream shadows that blend effortlessly. They do not crease on me, peel or flake off and yes, they are 100% waterproof! They stay put all-day until you decide it’s time to remove.

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL color paint Review swatches

My preferred method of application is on a flat synthetic brush or finger. To apply directly from the tube isn’t really practical as the tip is quite large. In which case, I wish the tip was a pointed tip to make it easier and less messy to squeeze onto the back of the hand or mixing palette. Something I can easily look passed as the formula is so great!

You will want to work quickly with the color paint shadows as they do dry down fairly fast and once they are set, they ain’t budgin’. You do have a little bit of wiggle room, but I definitely recommend completing one eye before moving onto the next.

The range is complete with 20 shades, and offers 3 different finishes;

I = Iridescent ~ A shimmery finish
L = Lustrous ~ A pearly finish
M = Matte ~ A Matte finish

Aqua XL Color Paint Cream Shadow Swatches

My favorite finish of the bunch is Iridescent. These four high shine shades are absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for all over the lid for a quick, but impactful look, or place just in the center of the lid for a stunning halo effect. With limitless possibilities, however you choose to apply, one thing is for sure…you are going to glow!

Makeup Forever Waterproof Cream Shadow Review and Swatches

I-12 Iridescent Steel Grey ~ medium silver grey
I-42 Iridescent Copper Gold ~ coppery gold
I-50 Iridescent Warm Beige ~ golden beige
I-80 Iridescent Pink Beige ~ pinky beige

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Swatches Iridescent

I find the lustrous finish is the easiest formula to work with and the most ‘everyday’ friendly. All of the shades are consistent with eachother as far as pigmentation and blendability.

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL color paint shadows Review and swatches

L-14 Lustrous White ~ white
L-22 Lustrous Dark Blue ~ navy blue
L-30 Lustrous Khaki ~ khaki green
L-54 Lustrous Taupe ~ golden brown


All of the Matte shades are incredible. You can tell right away that the pigmentation is absolutely insane! Rock these as eye shadow, eye liner, or anywhere else! Your face is simply a blank canvas 🙂 The only matte shades I had some trouble with was the M-52 Matte Beige and M-16 Matte White. Beige was quite a bit thinner in consistency than the rest, having to apply a couple layers to get the desired pigmentation. While the white was a little patchy and not as opaque as the rest.

Make Up For Ever Cream Shadow Review and Swatches

M-10 Matte Black ~ black
M-16 Matte White ~ white
M-20 Matte Ultramarine Blue ~ royal blue
M-24 Matte Turquoise ~ pastel turquoise

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Matte Swatches

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL color paint Review and swatches

M-40 Matte Yellow ~ deep yellow
M-52 Matte Beige ~ pinky beige
M-56 Matte Taupe ~ taupe brown
M-60 Matte Brown ~ warm brown


Make Up For Ever color paint cream shadow Review and swatches

M-70 Matte Orange ~ bright orange
M-72 Matte Red ~ cool-toned red
M-82 Matte Fushia ~ hot pink
M-90 Matte Purple ~ vibrant purple


The Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint retails for $31CAD – $25USD

Cheers, Victoria! kiss
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  1. Oh wow, I can’t wait to check these out. I’ve been seeing them on instagram, but these are the first swatches.


  2. Wow! The swatches are so pigmented! That bottom row of red- orange- pink mattes are calling my name 😍


  3. I haven’t seen these before, they sound really good and I do like cream eyeshadows or liners that stay. I really like the look of the iridescent beige ones and lustrous taupe looks so pretty and wearable for everyday.


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