Psoriasis and Mental Health


I certainly don’t think it is talked about enough. The connection between psoriasis and mental health. Those who don’t live with psoriasis may not understand how it can really affect so many aspects of your life.

I’ve spent countless hours a day dreaming about what it would be like to just throw on any ol’ outfit without having to think about whether or not it will cover me up sufficiently. Or what people must think when they reach out to shake my hand as mine is covered in plaques.

Wearing long pants and shirts even on hot summer days are all part of the daily struggles. If I have to hear “aren’t you hot?!” one more time! YES I’m hot! YES I’m itchy and sore, and YES, I wonder everyday why I even got this disease in the first place!

At times, I find myself anxiety ridden and reclusive. Frustrated by the lack of support, both medically and personally. My family and friends are always telling me not to care so much, that it’s not that bad, and just to just wear what I want. I know they are trying to be helpful and make me feel comfortable but unfortunately it just makes me feel even more misunderstood. Because they don’t get it. They don’t have to live with the judgement, and humiliation. The physical pain and self-consciousness. So many different emotions, that really take a toll on ones overall mental health.

All that said, the most important thing I have come to learn dealing with psoriasis for over 20 years, is that it IS treatable. It takes time and patience, absolutely, but I assure you that you can live a healthy happy life, psoriasis free!…most of the time 😉

As most of know, getting in to a see a specialist isn’t an easy task. Waiting to see a dermatologist can take months, but keep in mind that the sooner you get on that list, the quicker the time will come. Talk to your doctor about the different treatment options out there. And more importantly, educated yourself. Be your own advocate, and get a treatment plan that works for you.

I am really excited to share with you the first ever World Psoriasis Happiness Report!

The 2017 World Psoriasis Happiness Report aims to shed light on what impacts the well-being and mental health – interpreted as happiness- of people living with psoriasis. The report is incredibly thorough, eye opening and truly encompasses awareness.

Globally, psoriasis has the highest impact on the emotional aspects of life, but physical functioning, sexual intimacy, social, family, professional and educational life are all affected by psoriasis. As someone who has had psoriasis for over two decades I can certainly relate. While it’s not all bad all the time, there have been times where I have felt alone, embarrassed, and misunderstood.

The World Psoriasis Happiness Report aims to shed light on what impacts the happiness of people living with psoriasis. To date, people living with psoriasis from more than 100 countries have completed more than 120,000 PsoHappy surveys, including more than 2,250 Canadians.

While Canada ranked 5th in overall happiness, issues such as confidence, anxiety, stress and depression are all areas where Canadians living with Psoriasis are more affected than the rest of the world. Which I can certainly relate to as a fellow Canadian, living with psoriasis.

Check out a few of the findings from the Happiness Report:

  • More than 50% of Canadians with psoriasis don’t think doctors understand the impact it has on their mental health.
  • 47% said that improving their psoriasis is the main goal of the healthcare system.
  • 55% percent said they don’t think they have been informed about all the different treatment options for psoriasis.
  • 58% don’t think their friends understand what it means to live with psoriasis.
  • 40% feel like they are the only ones with psoriasis in the world.

If you are living with psoriasis, I can assure you are not alone. I am living with psoriasis. Treating it is a daily struggle. I understand, I will never judge you, stare at you and if I ever have the pleasure of meeting you, I will shake your hand!

The PsoHappy study has revealed that 74 percent of people living with psoriasis don’t think there is sufficient public awareness about psoriasis. So let’s all help spread awareness and help lower that number for next year!

World Psoriasis Happiness Report

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Cheers, Victoria! kiss
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