The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Different Hair Types

The benefits of coconut oil for different hair types

Coconut oil has been hailed as a wonder product that can be used on any kind of hair. There are, however, certain properties of the oil that work particularly well with certain hair types, such as fine hair, 4a hair and other curly hair types, and hair that struggles to grow. Whether you’re looking to combat frizz, dandruff, dullness or weak strands, read on to discover how coconut oil could be beneficial for your locks.

Frizzy hair

 If you have naturally curly hair, such as 4a hair type, you might sometimes struggle with frizz. Coconut oil can help smooth frizz and flyaways by penetrating your strands. Because it has a low molecular size, coconut oil can actually get inside the hair shaft. Its low weight helps it to seal the hair, which means a smoother surface and less frizz. Use coconut oil alongside other 4a hair care tips to get your curls in tip-top condition.

Weak hair

 Weak hair can be prone to breakage. That’s often because it can’t retain enough moisture within the individual hair shafts. So the best way to treat hair like this is to get as much hydration inside the strands as possible and, crucially, keep it there. As coconut oil is hydrophobic, it draws moisture into the hair from the atmosphere. That in turn helps your hair trap that moisture inside.

Hair that won’t grow

If you find your hair growth isn’t up to scratch, you might find coconut oil helps. That’s because it contains vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acid. These both play key roles in strengthening the hair and promoting hair growth. They can also help with maintaining length, because they decrease the chance of breakage. The carbohydrates in coconut oil also help assist slow growth and hair that’s prone to breakage.

Fine hair

Those with fine hair often want to add a little volume to their ‘do. Coconut oil can help with this. It’s worth noting here all the different ways you can add coconut oil into your hair care regime. You can use it as your pre-shampoo or mix it with conditioner to penetrate your strands. Alternatively, add it to a spray bottle mix for detangling and sealing in moisture. To let it really soak in, you could use it as part of a hot oil treatment, or apply it as a scalp massage to treat your skin as well as your follicles.

Dull hair

Trying to get dull hair to become shiny is a journey, but you can speed up the transition by adding coconut oil to your locks. Because it is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, your strands receive nourishment right inside the hair shaft. That’s also because coconut oil contains lauric acid, which has a high affinity for hair proteins. This helps create shiny results.


Dry, flaky scalps can go hand-in-hand in dandruff, so it’s important to lock in moisture. We’ve already seen how coconut oil is great at doing this. Another key part of treating dandruff is keeping the scalp healthy. Coconut oil can help achieve this because it is rich in antioxidants plus antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. These all help to fight fungi and infections. To help alleviate dandruff you can apply coconut oil to your scalp.

As you can see, coconut oil has lots of benefits for many different hair types. If you have any of these hair challenges, you might just want to try adding some coconut oil into your hair care routine!

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