My Microblading Experience! All your questions answered!

I finally did it! I got my eyebrows microbladed! To say I should have got this done sooner is an absolute understatement. Had I know what i’d been missing out on, I would have got them done the second microblading became ‘a thing’! I never thought i’d be able to say these 4 words….I HAVE BEAUTIFUL EYEBROWS! But here I am, sporting full, even brows that look amazing even without makeup!

Best Microblading Vancouver Before and After photos
Microblading Before and After – First Session

The picture above is after my first session. Below you will find the before and after photo from after my touch up session. 

In case, you can’t already tell, i’m pretty fucking excited about my new brows. I was one of the unfortunate soles that started primping in the early 90’s when little to no brows was all the rage. I started plucking those suckers as soon I realized that there were tweezers in the first aid kit under the bathroom sink. This pretty much carried on for a couple decades and once I realized that maybe I had gone too far and wanted to grow them back, it was too late. My natural re-growth was literally nothing except for a couple random hairs that of course were no where near where I would have wanted them to grow in. Thinking that my destiny was to fill in my pathetic little brows every single morning for the rest of life, lead me to be extremely intrigued the moment I saw one of those before and after photos on Instagram for the first time. I must have googled the hell out microblading for months, years maybe! Always in aww when a photo would pop up on the gram and telling myself that one day that will be me. And now it is! I am the proud owner a microblading before and after photo!

Enough about me, let’s get into what I thought of the process, the healing, the maintenance and everything in between.

First and foremost – choose someone with experience! Assure it will be done in a clean, sanitary location and do your research. I went to Melissa aka Brow Beauty by Mel, her studio is nestled into room at the Pure light Laser Skin & Body Clinic in Vancouver. I must admit that having this done at an actual clinic made me feel 100% more confident in choosing Melissa to basically tattoo my face. This wasn’t something I was going to let someone do in the back of nail salon to save a few bucks if you know what I mean. All of her needles were and sealed and packaged and opened right before she began.

How is Microblading done?

First Melissa cleaned the area throughly, so don’t bother wearing makeup. I made that mistake when I went for my touch up appointment (see before and after pic) and you can see the makeup is gone on the top half of my face – it was a look for sure.

She then went ahead and mapped out my face for symmetry and drew the outline of my soon to be brows. She handed me a mirror to give my approval, which I did, and then she got right to it. We of course had talked about what I was after, how thick I wanted them, what type of shape, color etc. Since it was my first time and I wasn’t really sure what to expect or if I’d even like them, I had asked her not to make them too thick or too dark as I didn’t want it to be a dramatic change. Aside from that, I gave her full reign as she is the professional and I trusted her opinion.

Now that I was all cleaned up and a shape was determined, she did a few microblade cuts on each brow. This was to allow the numbing cream to really penetrate the skin for maximum numbing. These first few cuts, while tolerable, do hurt, but worth the short lived pain for the ‘almost’ pain free results during the rest of the visit.

After the inital cuts, she slathered on the numbing cream, covered it with what I believe was saran wrap of sorts and then I waited for about 15-20 mins to allow it to do its thing.

All numbed up, it was time to start cutting! The microblading needles are dipped in pigment and small cuts are made in the skin so that the pigment can be deposited under the dermis to allow it last like just like a tatoo. It’s basically a small blade that makes small incisions carried out in the length and shape by the technician. Some are longer than others and some are a bit rounded mostly around the top of my arch. The result being tiny little hair like strokes (cuts).

The process is a combination of cutting and applying a layer of pigment on repeat. And while I didn’t know at the time it was being done, I found out that she actually was re-applying the numbing cream throughout the entire process.

Once she had completed all of the strokes, she had me look at them to see if I wanted any more done, if I was happy with the over shape etc. I was, so I laid back down and she then applied a full layer of the ink to both brows and let it sit and soak in for while. She then wiped it away and we were done!

Microblading before and after Vancouver
Microblading Before and After – Touch up Session

The photo above was taken after my touch up session. The strokes are now closer together and any gaps filled in.

Let me give you my opinion on a few of the more pressing questions that I had before I had the microblading done which I’m now proudly able to answer.

Does microblading hurt?

Yes and no. Of course it’s a bit uncomfortable – you are in fact getting dozens of cuts on your brow bone, but I found it very tolerable and I didn’t flinch or anything like that. A bikini wax is WAAAAY worse if you’d like a comparison.

Does microblading feel the same as getting a tattoo?

NO! I have a few tattoos and microblading is far less painful.

How long does microblading take?

The entire session was about two hours. This includes the consultation at the start. The measuring and tracing the brows. The wait while the numbing kicks in, the actual microblading procedure, and the wait while the ink sinks in. So while two hours seems like a long time, you aren’t actually getting ‘bladed’ that whole time – I’d say maybe 45 mins is a more accurate depiction of how long the actual cutting is taking place. However, I’d assume that if you are going for fuller brows it could take a little longer.

How will my brows look right after?

My brows looked amazing right after! There was no sign of having anything done. Quite surprisingly actually. Maybe a tad red but nothing really. My brows were pretty dark  but this is normal as the they fade quite a bit during the healing process.

How long does microblading take to heal?

While this obviously varies for everyone, mine took about 10 days to ‘look’ as if they were healed. I say look because technically your brows will continue to heal up to six weeks, but you won’t physically notice much difference within that time.

What is the healing process of microblading?

After a few days my brows started to dry up and become flakey. It is important not to tear off the flakes as its kind of like pulling off a scab – they will fall off naturally when ready. Pulling off the flakes can pull the ink out with it! So just let nature take its course. I’m not sure if flakes is the correct word as that makes me think of small particles like dandruff or something. It more of a pealing that happens. It’s larger pieces of skin that start to peal off similar to a peeling sun burn but on a much smaller scale of course. My peeling lasted about 4 days, maybe a few tiny spots for a day or two longer. And after that, they were amazing!

Will I look weird and  be embarrassed in public during healing?

So here’s the thing…I was fully aware of the peeling before hand and was vainly concerned that it would be super obvious that I just got my brows done, and for a week?! AHHH! Truth is, it’s not that bad and no one would notice unless they are literally staring at you. So please don’t get all worked up like I did. It basically looks like you have dry brows, maybe like if you were to be wearing brow makeup that started to pill up a bit.

Microblading post care –

Melissa advised me to basically do nothing until the peeling starts. Keep the area dry, do not apply any cream or oil, nothing! So I made sure to keep my skincare away from brows for a while and was very cautious not to scrub them when washing my face. Once the peeling started, I was advised to start moisturizing them. She didn’t try to sell me on anything fancy, she said just to use something light and free of things like fragrance and alcohol. She was adamant that less was more – only apply when needed. I had recently received this Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm from a Body Shop event I had attended the month before so I figure it would be perfect for this as it is 100% Natural and claims to improve the appearance of tattoos.  And for what it’s worth, my brows healed beautifully.

Do they hurt after the procedure?

Hurt is a strong word, but ya, they are tender to the touch for a few days – but only when touching them. For instance, I’ll go about my day, forgetting I’ve even had them done, then I’ll go to take off my hoodie over my head and graze my brows by accident and it’ll sting a little. Nothing crazy at all. They were also a bit itchy for a couple days which was annoying but it didn’t last long.

Can you get microblading if you have oily skin?

YES! I have oily skin and have had not a single problem. In some cases, the excess of oil will lift the pigment leaving it bare spots or all together doesn’t take well and fades too fast. I haven’t had any of these issues as I was diligent in keeping my brows dry until the healing process was complete.

Do I need to have a touch up session?

This one I was really curious about. I always thought that if the microblade tech was good, shouldn’t they do such a good job that you wouldn’t need to go back for a touch up? Truth is, is that when doing the initial procedure the tech – a good tech – will makes cuts with a certain distance in between each one. If put too close together, you risk having the pigment blend from one cut to the next leaving you with a blurred look rather than hair like strokes. The follow up appointment is typically done after 6 weeks (when the brows have healed) the tech will then create more cuts in between the old cuts. And of course, they will touch up any spots that didn’t take or you may want to define the shape or something. The touch up session doesn’t take as long as the initial appointment but I’d still account for about an hour and half.

How long does microblading last?

Typically your new brows should last at least a year and to a max of 2 years.. While I wasn’t loving the idea of having to pay for a new set potentially every year, Melissa gave me the best advice! She advised me not to wait until they had completely faded to get them done again. She said once I start to notice some fading, come back in for touch up! A touch up is generally less expensive than a new set as the ground work is already there. Genius!

Do you still need to fill in your eyebrows if they are microbladed?

Not an easy answer to give. If you have a good set of microbladed brows, with no bare spots and symmetrical shape (as mine are), there should be no need to fill them in. This is the ultimate goal with microblading…to have perfect for you brows all the time, even without makeup. If you are feeling the need to fill in certain spots then you may need to get another touch up. A good tech should be able to accomplish this with the first two sessions. BUT! When I wear a lot of makeup I find it almost impossible not to cover the microblading when applying my foundation. So I do run a quick pencil or powder through them just to bring them back to life. I’ve also tried the opposite – by removing the foundation from my brows but that didn’t work so well as I would also remove some of the foundation around the brows and that’s not a good look either. The good news is that penciling them in only takes two seconds as the shape and everything is already there. On natural and makeup free days, my brows are perfect just the way they are.

I could probably go on and on but i’ll leave it at that and please just leave a comment below if you have any questions that I didn’t answer.

I’d also like to know if any of you have had microblading done and how your experience was! Was it different than mine?

I am absolutely in love with my brows – did I say that already? Melissa did an incredible job and I highly recommend you going to her if you’re wanting to get your brows done and live in the Vancouver or surrounding areas. She does provide a few other services, one a lash lift which I’m definitely going to get done in the summer when I tend to not wear as much makeup. A lash lift is so much better for your lashes than extensions and without the expensive up keep! It’s basically like giving your natural lashes a healthy perm and then tinting them dark so it gives the illusion of fuller longer lashes without the need for mascara if you get them tinted as well. I will be sure to do a post when I get them done and share my thoughts with you guys.

If you’re thinking about getting microblading done, definitely check out Melissa’s website,, she has a ton of before and after pics and lots more info.

Cheers, Victoria!
Beauty Blogger from Vancouver, Canada

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  1. Your after photos look great! I’ve been so curious to get this but I worry the results will look unnatural on me. I have to fill in my brows daily and the idea of not having to do it sounds so appealing.


    • Thanks hun! I totally thought the same thing which is why I was so nervous and also why I asked her not to make them too thick. I am really happy with how they turned out 🙂


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