Sensationail At-Home Gel Polish System ~ Review

Sensational At home Gel Polish Review

I have to admit that when it comes to getting my nails done, I prefer to go to a
professional. Maybe I just love the pampering aspect of it ;). Plus they always do a
better job than what I can do myself.

So when it came to trying out the at home Sensationail at home gel kit, I was a bit apprehensive on how it would turn out. My hope was that it would be an easy application and most of all that the polish would stay on for a good amount of time.

Let’s see how it all played out by yours truly…

The Claim:

SensatioNail®  is the leading at-home gel manicure system. From the makers of
Nailene®, an innovator and leader in the artificial and natural nail care categories,
SensatioNail®  LED technology and proprietary gel formula provides women with salon-
quality results that are easy to use and affordable for everyday wear.

Gel Polish starter kit, what’s included:

  • Pro 3060 LED Lamp
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Gel Primer
  • Gel Base & amp; Top Coat
  • One Gel Polish
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Nail Buffer
  • Manicure Stick

It definitely has everything you need to get started, but can a novice like myself really get salon quality results at home?

Time to get started! I got this!

I read through the instructions twice to make sure I was doing it correctly. I then
plugged in my lamp and tested it out. Yep! Bright blue light. Check.

The instructions recommend you buff your nails and make sure they are clean. I can’t
lie, I did not buff but they were clean as a whistle (more on this later).  On went the primer then the gel base/top coat.

So far so good!

I was now ready for my gel color! I started with a coat of color on my thumb (it was
quite thick, but that was an accident) and put it under the LED light for 60 seconds.
The instructions stated to add a second coat so I did and back under the light it went. I
only started with my thumb because it was a little snug under the LED lamp for my
entire hand. I found doing the last 4 fingers together worked best.

Lastly I put another coat of the gel base/top coat and cured for 60 seconds more.
Now I have to say that after the first 60 seconds my nails were not sticky at all. They
seem to have done what they state which is fast flash cure. Pretty Cool! My nails
looked lovely so far. I followed all the steps (pretty much) and was hoping for a long
lasting wear of my DIY at home gel nails.

Sensationail Review

Fast forward 5 days…My nails looked amazing up until this point, but they started to peel off and very quickly my pat on the back for a job well done went right down the toilet.

I’m pretty sure that my gel coat was too thick to begin with and remember, I didn’t
buff them out either like you’re supposed to. That would of probably help secure the
polish longer.

Round two! I buffed and I carefully applied two thin layers of the gel color and voila! Two weeks later they are still perfectly in tact! Yes I blurred out my cuticles in the captured pic cause they were nasty but the polish after all this growth is still immaculate!

I decided to zhuzh it up a bit and add some metallic and glitter to really get that salon feel. I painted right over the gel polish with regular polish and it stayed on until I removed it! What a great tip! So if you get bored of your nails before their wear time has ended, grab any ol’ polish and apply right on top! Somehow the gel base underneath gives your nails some sort of super staying power! Loving this!

Soo, here’s what I liked:

  • Easy Instructions, Easy application
  • The nails cured really quickly
  • The array of colours available is impressive
  • The light was very easy to use and shuts off after curing is done

What I would have liked to see:

The starter kit does not come with the products to remove the gel nails. So you now need
to purchase the foil and gel remover separately. Not a huge deal but it would be very
convenient to have the entire kit together in one package. Especially since I was in dire need to get off the first set I applied.

Over all, a fantastic product! It will save you money for sure by doing it yourself and it
really doesn’t take that long. I really liked how easy the color was to apply. Somehow it was much easier than regular polish, almost mouldable making it incredibly effortless to get it close to the edges and cuticles without going over. Only thing missing is the hand massage from the manicurist!

Cheers, Victoria! kiss
Beauty Blogger from Vancouver, Canada

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