All opinions expressed on Living Disrobed are 100% my own and are based on my personal experience. All reviews, both on products purchased by me and on products sent to me for consideration, are based on genuine assessments and are expressed with complete honesty. My opinions are never affected or influenced by whether a product was bought by me or sent to me as a PR sample.


While I get sent many products for consideration, I am not in any way answerable to the brands, PR companies or distributors that provide them. With this in mind, my reviews are 100% honest, impartial and ethical. Similarly, I endeavor to review both good and bad products in order to give my readers as broad an overview as possible on what is currently on the market.

All products featured that are press samples or gifts that have been sent for consideration of inclusion will be clearly stated at the end of the post.

I am not accountable for purchases made based on the content of my reviews. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa so, please exercise common sense when considering purchasing a product I have recommended or endorsed as a successful trial.


My belief is that your skin should be your best quality (as it is the biggest organ you have after all) and, before covering it up with make-up, you should first work to create a good base. In other words, make-up should enhance, not cover up your natural beauty.

I trial every skincare product for 28 days before writing any kind of review on it in order to give the skin time to adjust, react or improve. Your skin goes through a cycle of cell production and replacement approx. every 28 days, therefore in order to truly see any factual results, this time must be permitted.

Sponsored Posts

There may come a time when I will be accepting select Sponsored Posts on the blog in order to finance the day-to-day runnings of the blog. 100% of the proceeds made from these posts will be put straight back into the blog in order to fund things like layout design, giveaways etc. My loyalty remains with you, the reader, and I will only ever agree to Sponsored Posts which keeps with the tone of the blog. Posts will always be noted as such and will never replace my usual content.

Affiliate Links

In addition to Sponsored Posts, I may choose to operate Affiliate Links on the blog as a means of financing the operational costs associated with having a blog. Any affiliate programs I may enter will have no added cost for the consumer and will in no way have an influence on the content I publish.


I run regular giveaways as a means of giving back to my loyal readers.

Giveaways are a mixture of prizes I buy myself and ones which are given by companies. I will always acknowledge if a prize has been sponsored, again in the interest of honesty and trustworthiness.

I denote specific rules for each giveaway. I ask that entrants read and comply by these instructions so that I do not have to exclude anyone’s entry. All Giveaways will be clearly labeled with which locations are eligible.

I do not allow friends or family to enter our giveaways but, as I have a large online presence and cannot prevent those I regularly talk with from entering or, in fact, winning. I would never compromise my integrity by rigging or falsifying the result of a giveaway.

If you win a giveaway, please allow a maximum of 28 days for shipping purposes. If a giveaway prize is not claimed two weeks after notification, I will select another recipient. All Giveaways will be clearly labeled with eligibility.

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