The Skincare Brand I recommend to my Family and Friends ~ NeoStrata!

Best Anti Aging Skincare Neostrata

When it comes to skincare, it’s hard to know what works and what is just a huge waste of money. We all have that drawer of miracle creams that turned out to be less of a miracle and more of a debacle! Today I am going to share with you the skincare brand that I recommend to my family and friends as well as the reasons why. Continue reading

TULA Probiotic Skincare Review

Tula Skincare We all know how essential Probiotics are for your digestive well being. Well now, you can get the same benefits out of you skincare with Tula Skincare, with Probiotic Technology! Tula’s products use a unique blend of ingredients harnessing the power of probiotics to create a healthy, radiant, age defying glow. The topical use of probiotics has been shown to help stimulate the skin’s protective mechanisms, guard against acne and UV-induced damage, and improve skin’s elasticity and collagen production. Continue reading

Skincare treatments…Exfoliating, masks and spot treatments. See what I am using!

exfoliatingEveryone one has their daily skincare regime.  You can see mine here! But what about those extra days where we buff and slough, spot treat or cover our face in honey, clay, lemon, turmeric, avocado or bananas…whatever you do to make your skin brilliant, we want to hear about it! Post a comment below with your favorite treatment!

Allow me to tell you what I’m using and why and I will add in a few tips along the way 😉

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