Surprise Sephora Beauty Swap!

Sephora Summer Makeup Swap

Life is fabulous! I did a Beauty Swap with Janine from A Beautiful Whim! Not just any ol’ swap…a Surprise Swap sent directly from Sephora! To get the full scoop on what the swap was all about, the rules we set out, what we got of course, as well, I will share my first impressions on the products that Janine picked out just for me 🙂 Did I like what she got me? Did she like what I got her?? Oh the agony!!! Continue reading

Beauty Swap

Eat Sleep Chic

Happy Friday! We have some exciting news here at Eat Sleep Chic – Blog, ever heard of a beauty swap?

I was on twitter when I read a post from Victoria Styles,  who was looking for someone interested in taking part in a ‘Beauty Swap’. I tweeted straight away! I had heard about beauty swaps before but it was all new to me. I definitely wanted to try it. Victoria is a beauty blogger from  Vancouver in Canada and recently started her beauty blog

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What is an International Beauty Swap?

An international beauty swap is a different way for you to sample or try out new beauty products that aren’t available in your market area. So rather than trying to source the products online, find a fellow beauty blogger who’s interested in working with you. Set a budget and a date for shipping that you both agree on. Discuss products that you both like so you have…

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