Urban Cowgirl ~ Get the look!

Guess Outfit

Upgrade  from Frumpy Farm-girl to Urban Cowgirl with the look I created from GUESS Jeans. A little bit Country, with a lot of Sass! Continue reading

Overalls are back in style!

Finally some comfy pants!

For years now, woman have been squeezing in to these tight, show all type skinny jeans. If you can even call some of them jeans…aka “Jeggings”

I am 100% guilty of wearing these so called jeans day in and day out but I must say that I am thrilled to have loose fitting jeans back in style.

I was recently at my local guess store (where I buy all of my jeans) and I couldn’t help by be in awe of the beautiful manikin sporting these cute capri overalls. They looked so comfortable and stylish too! ~ These aren’t your average osh gosh overalls that we all wore back in the eightys…ok, ok, overalls are overalls but I still love them.

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