An Unbiased Review of Younique Makeup

Younique Makeup Review

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard of Younique. A makeup brand that is sold by independent consultants around the world. But with so many representatives out there boasting about their products and creating their own biased reviews,¬†how are we to know if the products are really that good or if we are being duped by woman everywhere trying to make a buck? So please read on to get a true, honest, unbiased review of some of the products from myself who is 100% unaffiliated with this brand. Continue reading

5 Must Have Facial Sprays for Summer!

Facial Sprays Summer Moisturizer

Summer is finally here! Yay! But with the sun and the heat comes dry, sweaty, oily skin! Take a look at my 5 must have facial sprays for summer to ensure you are always prepared for what your skin throws at you! Continue reading

Do 3D lashes really work?

3D Lashes Everyone is talking about these 3D lashes…but do they really live up to all the hype? I have put them to the test so keep reading to hear my honest unbiased opinion. Continue reading