Let’s Be Facebook Friends!

Facebook Victoria Styles

I recently opened a Facebook account and would love to be friends with my lovely blogging beauties!

I have been on twitter for a while now and as much as I do enjoy it, it is so convoluted that sometimes I feel like a lost lipstick in a boho bag! Continue reading

Beauty advice needed!

mascaraI’m out of Mascara and was thinking of trying something new.

What are you guys using? I am currently using Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara and I must admit…I Love it! Why change a good thing? Maybe there is something even better! You never know until you try right?!

I am looking for something that will give me full, voluminous, long lashes! Go big or go home is my mascara motto 🙂

Leave a comment below with your favorite mascara!

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Victoria! kiss